• Coaching Lead Magnet Bundle Canva Template


    The Pack includes the below lead magnet templates:

    ➛ Wheel of Life Worksheet
    ➛ Core Value Clarity Worksheet
    ➛ Self Contract Worksheet
    ➛ Growth Mindset Cheat Sheet
    ➛ Customer Avatar Workbook
    ➛ Genius Zone Audit Worksheet
    ➛ Productivity & Priorities Worksheet
    ➛ My strengths in action Worksheet
    ➛ Self Worth Protect-ion Worksheet
    ➛ Overcome Negative Self-Talk worksheet
    ➛ Monthly Focus Workbook
    ➛ Self-discovery worksheet
    ➛ Stuck to Empowered – Mood Shift Worksheet
    ➛ Additional 50-page Worksheet templates

    All comes in A4 & US Letter sizes

  • Course Workbook Template


    A pack of 86 workbook templates for you to create a professional-looking workbook for your course in minutes. It includes templates for:

    • Activities & Exercises
    • Checklists
    • SWOT analysis
    • Challenges
    • Process & Roadmaps
    • Diagrams, Charts and more

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Teen Mental Health Workbook Template


    The Teen Mental Health Workbook has been designed to guide teenagers through the process of self-discovery and to help them gain an understanding of their own mental health. It is designed to provide teens with the tools they need to better understand themselves and build confidence in who they are.

    Template comes in A4 & US letter sizes