• ADHD Productivity Planner Canva


    The ADHD Productivity Planner provides you with a system for managing your time, tasks, and priorities so that you can make the most of your day. We understand that ADHD can make managing time, staying on task, and prioritizing responsibilities challenging. But we also know that with the right tools and strategies, individuals with ADHD can thrive and accomplish their goals.

    In this planner, you’ll find:

    • Tips and strategies for managing your time, increasing your focus and concentration, and setting and achieving your goals.
    • 2024 & 2025 Weekly, and monthly planner sections to help you stay on top of your task.
    • Checklists and schedules for daily routines, meal planning, fitness, self-care and more

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Affirmations Template Bundle


    The Affirmations Template Bundle is a pack of 16 Affirmation template packs with over 400 pre-written affirmations to reshape your thought patterns, uplift your spirits, cultivate self-belief, and manifest positivity in your daily life. It includes a diverse range of affirmations that cater to different aspects of your life, such as

  • Airbnb Welcome Guide Canva and Signs Template


    ➛ 13-Page Air BNB Welcome Guide Template
    ➛ 11 Air BNB Signs Templates
    ➛ Comes in US Letter & A4 sizes.

  • Baby Log Book Template Canva Template


    ➛ 23-page Baby Log Book Canva Template
    ➛ Comes in US Letter & A4 sizes.


  • Branding Services & Pricing Guide Canva


    Our Services and Pricing Guide is created with designers in mind, offering customizable templates thoughtfully created to fit your brand.

    Inside, you’ll find templates for:

    • About Us
    • Our Team
    • The Process
    • Services & Pricing
    • Timeline
    • Our Work
    • Client love
    • Get in touch
  • Business Forms Template Bundle Canva



    • Order Form Templates
    • Invoice Templates
    • Receipt Templates
    • Proposal and Contract Templates
    • Client Appointment Forms Templates
    • Inventory Management Forms Templates
    • Bank Balance Forms Templates
    • Monthly Profit Tracker Templates
    • Monthly Bills Templates
    • Password Tracker Template
    • Call Message Log Forms Templates
    • Price List Templates
    • Sales Log Templates
    • Supplies Tracker Templates
    • Employment Application Forms Templates
    • Employee Work Schedule Form Templates
    • Work Log Form Templates
    • Meeting Notes Form Templates
    • Contact List Form Templates
    • And more…

    All Comes in US Letter & A4 sizes.

  • Business Plan Template


    A 100-page Business Plan Canva Template to plan and grow your business. It includes pages for:

    • Welcome/Intro
    • Team & Suppliers
    • Services & Product
    • Workflow & Systems
    • Business State Audit
    • Goals & Dreams
    • Financial Forecast
    • Written Statements
    • Finishing Notes

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Cleaning Planner Template


    The Ultimate Cleaning Planner will help you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks, set goals for decluttering specific areas of your home, keep track of your progress and more.

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Coaching Client Welcome Pack


    The Coaching Client Welcome Pack includes:

    • Client Welcome Guide Template
    • Client Intake Form Template
    • Coaching Agreement Template
    • Client Welcome Letter Template
    • Payment Info Template
    • FAQs Template
    • Resources Template

    Templates come in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Coaching Lead Magnet Bundle Canva Template


    The Pack includes the below lead magnet templates:

    ➛ Wheel of Life Worksheet
    ➛ Core Value Clarity Worksheet
    ➛ Self Contract Worksheet
    ➛ Growth Mindset Cheat Sheet
    ➛ Customer Avatar Workbook
    ➛ Genius Zone Audit Worksheet
    ➛ Productivity & Priorities Worksheet
    ➛ My strengths in action Worksheet
    ➛ Self Worth Protect-ion Worksheet
    ➛ Overcome Negative Self-Talk worksheet
    ➛ Monthly Focus Workbook
    ➛ Self-discovery worksheet
    ➛ Stuck to Empowered – Mood Shift Worksheet
    ➛ Additional 50-page Worksheet templates

    All comes in A4 & US Letter sizes

  • Course Creator Bundle Canva Template


    The Bundle includes the below templates:

    ➛ Course Sales Page Template
    ➛ Course Brand Kits
    ➛ Webinar Slide Deck
    ➛ Lead Magnet Template
    ➛ Quick Links Landing Page
    ➛ Course Creation Planner
    ➛ Course Launch Planner
    ➛ Email Signature Template
    ➛ Instagram Launch Posts
    ➛ Pinterest Launch Posts
    ➛ Facebook Group Post Covers
    ➛ Course Mockups & Banners

  • Course Launch Planner Template


    All in one 50-page Course Launch Planner Canva template to plan a successful course/programme launch. It contains templates to help you:

    • Set goals and plan out the type of launch you want
    • Create a daily rhythm to follow leading up to your launch.
    • Map out the day by day happening of your launch so you know exactly what is happening when.
    • Follow up with potential students and locking down some sales.
    • Perform post launch analysis

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Course Sales Page Canva Template


    The Course Sales Page Canva Template is Ideal for coaches, course creators, and anyone wanting a strategic, easy-to-use website template for their course or program.

    DEMO: https://hellokarla.my.canva.site/


  • Course Webinar Slide Deck Template


    A 60-page Webinar Slide Deck Canva Template to take your course webinar to the next level. It includes Slides for:

    • Introduction
    • About
    • Course Outline
    • Tools & Resources
    • Chart & Statistics
    • Roadmap
    • Offer & Packages
    • Before/After
    • Quotes and more…
  • Course Workbook Template


    A pack of 86 workbook templates for you to create a professional-looking workbook for your course in minutes. It includes templates for:

    • Activities & Exercises
    • Checklists
    • SWOT analysis
    • Challenges
    • Process & Roadmaps
    • Diagrams, Charts and more

    Template Comes in A4 & US letter sizes

  • Doula Client Guide & Intake Forms


    Introducing the Ultimate Birth Doula Client Welcome Guide, Contract and Intake Forms – your essential toolkit for running a successful doula practice. The templates features well written contents fully editable in the free version of Canva.

  • Drawing Journal Template


    The Drawing Journal features 365 creative and soulful drawing prompts designed to help you relax, de-stress, and express yourself, while finding moments of mindfulness and tapping into your inner creativity.

    Template Comes in A4, US letter & 6x9in sizes

  • Dream Journal Template


    The Dream Journal is for people wanting to work through their dreams for personal growth & self discovery. It Includes pages of recording your dreams and journaling about them, weekly practices and additional 25 powerful dream shadow prompts.

    Template comes in A4 & US letter sizes